Coaching course pre-course requirements checklists

Beginner Coaching Course
Intermediate Coaching Course
Advanced Coaching Course

Judging course pre-course requirements
Coaching course minimum age requirements

Beginner – 14 Years​
Intermediate – 16 Years
Advanced – 17 Years

Judging course minimum age requirements
Beginner – 14 Years
Intermediate – 15 Years
Intermediate Bronze (MAG Only) – 16 Years
Advanced – 16 Years

Pre-Course Work
In order for the Learner Management System to allow you access for enrolment into a face to face course, you must first have…
1)Enrolled in the correct Gymsport pathway
2)Completed all necessary pre-course requirements, allowing time for some documents to be assessed by GSA or GA, and marked competent, this can take up to 16 days.

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