COVID-19 Guidelines

Gymnastics SA has developed these guidelines and stipulations for Gymnastics SA run events. The guidelines may also be of assistance as a best practice guide to SA member clubs that choose to facilitate their own events  All clubs’ running a Gymnastics SA sanctioned event must consider their own circumstances, risk assessment and current State Government mandates. These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the appropriate GymSport Handbook .

Important COVID-19 information:
We encourage all attendees to be aware of risk prevention strategies, including:

• Mask wearing when not physically exerting ( ie when the child is not actively performing)
• No team photos where athletes are unmasked and in close proximity
• Hand sanitising and sanitation of equipment prior to usage
• Not to attend if they are a classroom or casual contact, or are feeling unwell

• Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to session
• To avoid congestion in changerooms, athletes are to arrive in competition attire (hair, make-up, leotards etc.)
• Sanitising protocols will be in place
• Athletes are to maintain physical distancing where possible
• Athletes will not be permitted to stay to watch sessions they are not entered in, unless they are a Volunteer
• Trained COVID Marshal/s will be present events
• Please exit immediately following the competition, to allow time for cleaning between sessions

Classroom Contact information:

With the event season underway we wanted to provide a quick update in case you receive any questions regarding COVID-19, and in particular, Classroom Contacts.

Gymnastics SA has sourced advice from SAPOL and SA Health, with the information below confirmed:

The Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO) advises Classroom Contacts should do the following to minimise risk to others, when outside of the school setting between days 1 to 14 of exposure:

  • avoid high risk settings or COVID Management Plan events
  • wear a surgical mask around others and outside your home
  • avoid contact with vulnerable people outside of school or family
  • avoid non-essential activities where possible (eg where there are lots people, inside, in close contact)
  • avoid shared spaces and maintain physical distance.

As Gymnastics is not a school setting, is conducted indoors and deemed non-essential, it is unfortunate, but Classroom Contacts will be unable to attend gymnastics sessions for 7 days.

Should an athlete be required to withdraw from an event due to COVID-19 (close contact, positive case, classroom contact) a club must submit a refund form; however, they will not be required to provide a medical certificate.

Athletes are recommended to read the State Representation Selection Criteria for all Trial and special consideration requirements.

As we navigate through this, we understand that it can be very stressful for families and athletes.

We will continue to monitor the situation and liaise with SA Health and SAPOL to determine if or when the above changes.

Please read the guidelines for all important information and practices for upcoming events: