Gymnastics SA and the University of South Australia partnering to promote physical literacy.

Students from the University of South Australia are “playing to learn” in a long-time partnership with Gymnastics South Australia accredited KinderGym Programs. From August to November Human Movement, Exercise and Sport Science and Clinical Exercise Physiology students are enhancing their learning of childhood fundamental movement skills and the valuable role these skills have on a lifetime of learning.

Fundamental Movement skills provide the foundation for human movement and competent and confident participation in a range of physical activities. These skills are fostered within KinderGym by rolling, balancing, sliding, walking, leaping, jumping, hopping, skipping, swinging and learning to land safely. KinderGym also builds visual tracking which is important for almost all daily activities including reading, writing, drawing and playing.

Scott Polley, Program Director of Human Movement from the University of South Australia said KinderGym is founded on child development principles and this fits well with UniSA’s focus on evidence-based practice. The program allows our students to learn first-hand about the role quality physical activity plays in lifespan growth and motor development and the relationship cognitive and emotional development. Students often gain insight into the role families, communities and committed organisations can play in setting the scene for lifetime health and wellbeing. The high standards, support students as they begin to develop important foundational professional communication and relationship skills essential for either exercise science or human movement practitioners.’

Nastashia Buck, General Manager of Gymnastics South Australia said “KinderGym programs affiliated with Gymnastics South Australia have been partnering with the University of South Australia for 15 years allowing students to observe first hand how motor skills develop, and movement milestones are achieved. KinderGym encourages movement and assists in developing physical literacy at a young age. It is an essential, holistic and fun program for children to participate in. KinderGym programs combine play-based learning principles with intentional teaching methods, as parents and KinderGym Leaders nurture the child as they move, explore and learn.”

KinderGym is the recognised name used by Gymnastics Australia for programs especially designed for children aged 5 and under.

The first Australian KinderGym was established in South Australia in 1980.

Today there continues to be 32 South Australian KinderGyms supporting over 5,000 children per week with their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

The University of South Australia’s KinderGym project is unique in providing opportunities for students to have first hand experience in childhood movement. 

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