KinderGym Meritorious Service Award Winners

The achievements over the past 40 years of KinderGym are momentous, more than 180,000 South Australian children have been socially, cognitively, emotionally and physically developed through the program. 

This week we recognised the organisations and individuals for their services to the KinderGym Community. 

Congratulations to all award Winners! 

Meritorious Service to the Community Award Winners:

Karen Baxter

Jane Harper

Marilynn Rayner

Annie Rohrlach

Colonel Light KinderGym 

Loxton KinderGym 

Riverland Gymnastics Academy

Seacliff KinderGym 

Tea Tree Gully Gymsports 


Meritorious Service for the Development of KinderGym Award Winners:

Cate Birch

Patricia Blanks

Heather Mooney

Raelene Osborn


Meritorious Service for the Strategic Administration and Promotion of KinderGym Award Winners:

Graham Dodd

Grant Harrison 

Christine Nightingale

Dr Carole Pinnock

Kerrie Smith