Rebooting Gymnastics in South Australia

Update as of 27 May 2020

On Monday 25 May, the Premier announced that South Australia will now transition to Step 2 of the South Australian Roadmap for Easing COVID-19 Restrictions (the Roadmap) on 1 June 2020.

Please note that the directions order is scheduled to be updated within the next 48 hours. The following information is on the proviso that this occurs. The new directions order when published will supersede any other mandates released to date.

Confirmed update to time frames:

  • Indoor Non-contact sport training can commence from 1 June. This includes Gymnastics and KinderGym activities.
  • Training can commence as of the 1st of June once the online COVID Safe Plan has been completed.


The following items of interest are taken from the State Government COVID Safe Plan.


Indoor Specific Spacing Clarifications and Further Requirements:

  • A maximum of 20 members of the public per separate room or area applies regardless of the size of a room (Example: a room of 60 square metres can accommodate 15 people. A room of 80 square metres and a room of 200 square metres can both accommodate no more than 20 people).
  • To be considered a separate room, a space must be enclosed by a ceiling, and substantially enclosed by floor to ceiling walls, regardless of whether the ceiling or walls or any part of them are permanent or temporary.
  • Essential venue staff/coaching staff are not counted in the maximum 20 “members of the public” per eligible room. This clarification allows 20 participants to be allocated an appropriate number of coaches/leaders

New requirements/ suggestions not previously confirmed:

  • Consider limiting the duration of the activity to 2 hours or less where possible. Note: This is not a mandate but a state government suggestion.
  • Encourage and support downloading of COVID-Safe App. You may choose to achieve this by placing the SA Health COVID Safe App poster up in venue.
  • Ensure all staff have undertaken COVID-safe online training. This should also be extended to your key volunteer workforce.
  • Print and display SA Health COVID-Safe materials (such as signage/posters on hygiene, physical distancing) The link to the SA Health Posters is here:


 Updated process for clubs to recommence: 

  1. Individual Clubs to go to and fill in the online form.


  2. Your completed form is your COVID Safe Plan. This Plan will outline how your staff and participants can be kept safe from COVID-19. The operational “nitty gritty” can easily be gathered from the bulk of work already undertaken by your club in completing the Club Self Evaluation Spreadsheet. The State Government COVID Safe Plan must be printed along with your Record of Completion. It must be available for presentation should your venue be inspected.


  3. You will get automated confirmation your plan has been accepted if you agree to all terms and conditions and can meet the requirements.


  4. We would encourage clubs to ensure they have detailed operational plans and confirmed actions to align with the COVID Safe Plan. Clubs that have previously completed the Self Evaluation Spreadsheet will have covered off most requirements. 


  5. Individual clubs are required to communicate all the changes in their venue/ club with their members.


  6. Individual Clubs are to communicate with Gymnastics SA via email if your club will be recommencing on June 1.


  7. Members are bound by adhering to any current or forth coming sport specific, including equipment cleaning requirements.

Response planning

Ensure you and your staff have a basic understanding of how to respond to a case of COVID-19 at the workplace.

A brief, step-by-step summary of actions to take is:

  1. Keep others away from the confirmed or suspected case. Talk to and assess the person concerned; if they need urgent medical help, call 000 immediately.

  2. If the person is at your premises when symptoms emerge, assess the situation and risks. Talk to the person about your concerns and next steps. Seek government health advice.

  3. If well enough, ask the person to go home, seek medical advice, testing for COVID-19, and self-quarantine until a result is returned. Ensure the person has safe transport to get home; if not, you may need to arrange for a taxi.

  4. Close the premises, ask all patrons and unnecessary staff to leave and arrange for a full environmental and disinfection clean. Open doors and windows to increase airflow.

  5. Notify SA Health via to ensure they can trace any contacts of this person and contain the spread. SA Health may ask for any attendance records you may have kept assisting with this. 

Gymnastics SA encourages all Gymnastics Community Members to be patient as Clubs work through the above steps. If you have any questions please direct them to your Affiliated Club, however, please be assured your club will be communicating with you on how and when your children can return to training. Please note training recommencing will be different for each club due to several factors.


Supporting our clubs through this transition
Gymnastics SA will be hosting Zoom sessions weekly and for the foreseeable future, for clubs to ask questions, provide feedback and receive updates on where the process is at.

The days and times are below:
           Thursday, 7:00pm - register HERE
           Saturday, 9:00am - register HERE
Repeated weekly

To assist with delivery of sessions, we kindly ask that we receive your RSVP at least the day prior. 

Useful Links and Resources

South Australian Roadmap – FAQ

ORSR - COVID-19 Information

Gymnastics Australia – Factsheets
           National Principles Education
           Hygiene Education
           Athlete Health and Safety
Preparation of Environment

Update as at 12 May 

What training can Gymnastics Clubs currently run?
Return to Sport for step 1 – South Australian Roadmap (Outdoor Training).

From 11 May 2020, we may provide outdoor “bootcamp style non-contact training.”

Training must: 
Be outdoors
Permit up to 10 participants in a group + 1 coach/instructor
Be non-contact
Multiple groups of 10 – Under Section 5(h) there may be multiple groups of up to 10 people participating in particular activities at the same venue provided that the density requirements is complied with and an appropriate distance is maintained between groups. For example, it is appropriate for a Soccer pitch sized space to be broken into three clearly marked zones ( with 10 in each zone) on one pitch.
Minimise use of shared equipment and facilities. Participants to bring their own yoga mat/ hand held equipment if applicable.
Participants bring personal hand sanitiser, drink bottle and come ready to participate.
Limit the total numbers of additional people present, for example, up to 1 parent/carer per participant. As parents to observe session from car if applicable.
Minimise unnecessary co-mingling.
Implement signage/markings to support compliance with current restrictions and advice.
Refer to the Australian Institute of Sport’s Framework for Rebooting Sport for further guidance.
All gymnasts, coaches, officials, and parents must meet current guidelines.This should be reiterated to participants and personnel. People should not attend if in the previous 14 days they; 
Have been unwell or had any flu-like symptoms
Been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19
Any respiratory symptoms
Are at a high risk from a health perspective, including the elderly and those with any pre-exiting health conditions
If any gymnast or coach attend with any symptoms they will be removed from training. Gymnast parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child.
Training should focus on strength and conditioning and basic skill training (At present no aerial work is allowed. One foot or hand must always remain on the ground).
Coaches to work within their competency level.
All coaches are required to have current Technical Memberships.
All athletes are required to be registered on the National Database.

Rebooting Gymnastics Proposal and Plan

Gymnastics South Australia is working closely with Sport SA and Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing (ORSR) on the principles for Indoor gymnastics to resume. 
Gymnastics SA will submit a proposal to gain permission for our clubs to restart indoor training, within these guidelines. We anticipate this plan to be ready and reviewed prior to 8 June.

Gymnastics South Australia is communicating with Gymnastics Australia, Acromat and Sam Offord (Physio) to assist with compiling our proposal and working on a template for Member Clubs.
1. Gymnastics SA is busy compiling a plan and template to address the guideline stipulations.
2. This will be filled in by Gymnastics SA outlining how our clubs could practically meet the guidelines. This will involve discussions with equipment suppliers on meeting the COVID -19 standards. This will also involve any recommendation regarding the suitability of equipment or required coverings.
3. ORSR will assess the practicality of our recommendations against the criteria. They will also liaise with SA Health.
4. We will then contact clubs with the suggestions and systems to meet the criteria. Clubs will review their individual ability to meet these. We will work with clubs to see if we can workshop suggestions for modification or adaptations to assist compliance.
5. We can then report back to ORSR all the clubs that will presently be able to meet the principles and guidelines.
6. ORSR has the final approval and we will await their feedback and response prior to recommencing.
7. Activity is not to resume until information is reviewed and endorsed by ORSR. Gymnastics SA will then communicate with clubs on when, where and how we can all move forward.

Step 2 restriction on the South Australian Roadmap are set to commence on 8 June 2020, please note training cannot resume on this day if endorsement has not been received by ORSR. 

Supporting our clubs through this transition
Gymnastics SA will be hosting Zoom sessions weekly and for the foreseeable future, for clubs to ask questions, provide feedback and receive updates on where the process is at.
The days and times are below:
Thursday, 7:00pm - register HERE
Saturday, 9:00am - register HERE
Repeated weekly
To assist with delivery of sessions, we kindly ask that we receive your RSVP at least the day prior. 

Useful Links and Resources
Sports – Step 1 Fact Sheet 

ORSR - COVID-19 Information 

Gymnastics Australia – Factsheets
National Principles Education
Hygiene Education
Athlete Health and Safety
Preparation of Environment

Update as at 8 May 2020 

The South Australian Government has released SA's Roadmap for Easing COVID-19 Restrictions. VIEW HERE

Our State Premier, Steven Marshall has announced today that as of Monday, 11 May 2020, South Australia will be moving into Step 1 of easing restrictions in our state. Premier Marshall stated that "You can all be proud of how we have led the nation in our response. Now we must stay the course and continue working together to keep SA safe and strong."

Step 2 of easing restrictions scheduled for the 8th of June 2020 sees the opportunity for Gymnastics in South Australia to restart. Gymnastics SA’s restarting plan will be presented on behalf of our members and must meet national and state guidelines. We will utilise all national and state resources to ensure we can collaboratively achieve this. Once submitted, our restarting plan will need to be approved by Office of Recreation, Sport and Racing to ensure all standards are met prior to the recommencement of Gymnastics activities.

Gymnastics SA’s CEO, Nastashia Buck is additionally invited to a meeting today with Minister Corey Wingard today for further state-based sport information. 

Gymnastics SA are working collaboratively with Gymnastics Australia and all states and territories to ensure that our members will receive consistent advice on the cleaning, distancing and general hygiene practises moving forward. We will continue to advocate for our sport at a state level, and we will keep you informed of all decisions.  

Gymnastics SA would like to thank all members and clubs who attended our first successful Zoom Meeting last night, with the next meeting to occur tomorrow morning, Saturday, 9 May at 9.00AM. To book in and be a part of this zoom session here, please click HERE.

When the time is right, when we know it is safe, and when we have planned accordingly – we will all be able to enjoy gymnastics in our clubs once again.


Rebooting Gymnastics in SA - Zoom Meetings 
Please RSVP to attend the Zoom Meetings HERE

Zoom Meetings Available; 

  • Saturday, 9 May - 9.00 AM

  • Thursday, 14 May - 7.00 PM

  • Saturday, 16 May - 9:00 AM